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Why Pronouns are Important

For a quick grammar refresher, pronouns are the articles used to describe a person or persons in the third person. Singular pronouns are gendered! For example, they are he, him, his, she, her, and hers. Gendered pronouns mean that depending on whether the person you are talking about in the third person is female or male, you use either she, …

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Taking Control of Obsessive Worrying

Worry is the cognitive-thinking part of anxiety that causes people to ask questions of a “what if” nature. For example, your manager putting a meeting on your calendar might pique your curiosity, but when anxiety is driving our thoughts, can quickly turn into you imagining a multitude of stressful “what if” scenarios, and usually ends with “what if she fires …

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Social Media Overload

Living in a Social Media World

“Wait don’t eat yet, I need to take a picture for Instagram.” How many times have you or your friends uttered this phrase out loud? The impact of social media on shaping our thinking and behaviors can’t be discounted. As applications such as Instagram and Facebook provide individuals the ability to post or live stream about their day to day …

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5 Tips for Keeping Social Anxiety at Bay


The holiday season is upon us, which for many, can mean an uptick in social engagements – the company holiday party, the neighbor’s grab-bag gift exchange, the New Year’s Eve gatherings, and so on. For those suffering from social anxiety – an excessive fear of being judged negatively – it can be a particularly unnerving time of year. People with …

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