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What Depression and Anxiety Look Like in Children…

Depression and anxiety looks very different in children than it does in adults. Often, these behaviors are perceived as strange, bizarre, erratic, or disobedient. Because of this, childhood depression and anxiety is often missed by parents, family, and school faculty. Furthermore, depression and anxiety in children can be misidentified as a conduct disorder or attention issues.  In order to be able to identify this in your child, here are the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety in children. If you witness these signs consistently, then consult a psychologist or physician.

Signs of Depression in Children…

        • Irritability
        • Social withdrawal
        • Changes in appetite
        • Problems with sleep
        • Fatigue
        • Outbursts and tantrums
        • Fatigue
        • Difficulty concentrating

Signs of Anxiety in Children…

        • Meltdowns about small things that are not developmentally appropriate
        • Refusing to go to school
        • Crying
        • Avoidance
        • Problems with sleep
        • Restlessness
        • Tantrums
        • Inattention, poor focus
        • Fatigue

A Few Tips on How to Proceed…

        • Take note of the duration and frequency of these symptoms
        • Try to understand the reason for the symptoms and what is happening for the child, listen to the child
        • Develop a coping strategy to utilize at home, such as drawing and creating stories.
        • Utilize relaxation and mindfulness techniques. These can be utilized with children, try five minutes of meditation and relaxation initially.
        • With all of these tips in mind, it is still important to reach out to a mental health professional to receive proper treatment.

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