woman meditatingDepression and Anxiety

Depression can make you feel overwhelmed, angry, alone and down. It can also make it harder to do the very things that help to alleviate depression. By developing tools to cope with the symptoms of depression and gaining insight into the underlying causes, you can begin to lift the veil of depression and participate in and more fully enjoy life again.

Anxiety can manifest itself in various ways, including excessive or debilitating worry, social anxiety, panic attacks and even physical symptoms (tightness, sore muscles, stomach distress).  Using CBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy and mindfulness techniques, you can learn ways to manage and reduce your anxiety, providing much needed relief. These same tools can also help you to manage and reduce stress in your life.


Relationships and Intimacy

Couples Counseling Flatiron District NYC Navigating relationships can often be one of the more challenging aspects of life.  Learning to communicate in an authentic and honest way; addressing fears that get in the way of connecting with others in a meaningful way; forming new ways of relating to others; and learning to set and maintain healthy boundaries can lead to conflict reduction, improved communication and more fulfilling relationships.

When people feel disconnected from themselves, it can often manifest itself in poor self esteem, self criticism and judgment, depression and feelings of isolation. Therapy can help you value and become more aligned with your inner self, reducing internal conflict and distress, and fostering greater self acceptance, self esteem and fulfillment.


addiction counseling, flatiron, nyc, substance abuseSubstance Abuse, Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors

Using or abusing substances like alcohol or drugs, gambling, excessive spending and emotional eating are all examples of compulsive behaviors and are often accompanied by shame, guilt and self judgment. Whether you are in the process of determining whether you have a problem with substance abuse or a compulsive behavior or are already in recovery, our counselors can help you gain insight into unproductive beliefs that may lead to or exacerbate compulsive or unhealthy behaviors, identify new ways and tools to address underlying emotional needs, and redirect yourself into more productive and healthy behaviors.


Gay Affirmative Counseling

lesbian coupleYou may be questioning your sexual identity, experiencing internalized or externalized homophobia, struggling with norms in your community of choice, or deciding whether to come out to your family or friends. Our goal is to provide a safe and affirming therapeutic environment to all of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) clients in which to explore and address these important  and complex issues and questions and in which your sexual orientation is understood, respected and fully supported.



Trauma and Loss

anx womanDifficult events happen in people’s lives. They can be dramatic striking events, an isolated incident or a succession of incidents, or a more subtle yet equally eroding experience. You may have experienced a recent or past loss of a loved one, a physical limitation or disability, or have lost a job. Or you may be suffering from childhood abuse, neglect or trauma.  Our therapists will work with you to create a safe environment that supports healing; help you process and integrate your feelings, provide emotional support, and help you manage collateral symptoms such as anxiety and depression.



Getting Unstuck

counseling and psychotherapy, flatironEveryone goes through periods in their life where they may feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied or confused about what they want or how to move forward with their life or career. Or you may find yourself repeating the same negative patterns or self destructive behaviors.

Whether you are experiencing a life or career transition, or want to engage in self exploration to enhance personal growth, therapy can help. By exploring your goals, dreams, motivations and behaviors, you can gain greater clarity as to why you feel stuck, identify and transform sabotaging belief systems and destructive behavior patterns, and identify ways to move forward into increased effectiveness in living the life you want.

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"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ~ George Eliot